Book of the Month

Book of the Month for September 2017

Mary may have issues- but until now, none of them have ever had teeth. All she wants is a night out to escape her mother and the end result will land her in the starring role in a fairy tale destined to culminate in her demise in the jaws of a vicious wolf. Having donned the red cloak, Mary takes a different approach than all of her predecessors – she’s going to give that wolf a run for his money. Acquiring some rather extreme footwear, she proceeds to leave tracks all over several imaginary lands and cautionary tales. But every where that Mary goes, the wolf is sure to follow and each time they meet he’s a little bit stronger and she’s at more of a disadvantage. She’s going to have to learn to listen to her newly acquired friends, instead of pissing them off and actually discover more about herself if she’s going to avoid a one way trip down a tooth shrouded gullet…







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