Book of the Month

Rigo is moving up in the world, but he could also be moving away from what he cares about without realizing it. He’s going to be in charge of an important part of a project that will help mankind step out into the outer limits of the solar system. But he can’t do that as he is and in this case the changes he’ll need to make have physical repercussions. In a world after the failure of the ecology, where man has created his own replacement biocultures, people are coded to certain locales that can support them. They are separated into clades which can only interact with members of their own systems as well as their own biocultures. By stepping up, Rigo is leaving his girlfriend, his aging mother and his brother with a shady past behind. He’s told this is only temporary but he doesn’t realize there is a hidden hand that’s been guiding his advancement. An influence that will use him to change everything, to make him a lever long enough to topple the world.







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