October 2017


Anders, Charlie Jane – Six Months, Three Days, Five Others

Anderson, Poul – The Complete Psychotechnic League, Volume

Bacigalupi, Paolo – Tool of War •

Bear, Elizabeth – The Stone in the Skull

Benford, Gregory, & Gordon Eklund – The Ball Game

Black, Holly, & Cassandra Clare – The Silver Mask

Bonesteel, Elizabeth – Breach of Containment

Bradley, Darin – Light Both Foreign and Domestic

Bray, Libba – Before the Devil Breaks You

Brett, Peter V. – The Core

Brust, Steven – Vallista

Cameron, Miles – The Fall of Dragons

Cameron, Sharon – The Knowing

Card, Orson Scott – Children of the Fleet

Crowley, John – Ka

Czerneda, Julie E. – To Guard Against the Dark

Dalpe, Victoria – Parasite Life

Datlow, Ellen, & Eds. Lisa Morton – Haunted Nights

Dozois, Gardner, ed. – The Book of Swords

Duncan, Dave – Ironfoot

Erikson, Steven – Willful Child: The Search for Spark

Fink, Joseph, & Jeffrey Cranor – Welcome to Night Vale: It Devours!

Hardinge, Frances – A Skinful of Shadows

Harris, Joanne M. – A Pocketful of Crows

Hearne, Kevin – A Plague of Giants

Hill, Joe – Strange Weather

Howey, Hugh –Machine Learning: New and Collected Stories Lackey, Mercedes – A Scandal in Battersea

Lake, Nick – Satellite

Lansdale, Joe R. – Bubba and the Cosmic Blood Suckers

Littlewood, Alison – The Crow Garden

Maguire, Gregory – Hiddensee )

McAuley, Paul – Austral

Milford, Kate – Ghosts of Greenglass House

Modesitt, L. E., Jr. – The Mongrel Mage

Ness, Patrick, & Guy Adams – Class: Joyride

Newman, Emma – Weaver’s Lament

Newman, Kim – Anno Dracula: One Thousand Monsters

Nix, Garth, & Sean Williams – Have Sword, Will Travel

Parker, K. J. – The Two of Swords: Volume One

Pollack, Rachel – The Fissure King

Pullman, Philip – The Book of Dust

Schmidt, Bryan Thomas, ed. – Infinite Stars

Shiner, Lewis – Heroes and Villains

Thompson, Tade – The Murders of Molly Southbourne

Walton, David – The Genius Plague

Williams, Walter Jon – Quillifer

Willis, Connie – A Lot Like Christmas

Wong, David – What the Hell Did I Just Read

Wurts, Janny – Destiny’s Conflict

Yu, Charles, & Eds. John Joseph Adams – The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017


September 2017

Alexander, K. C. – Nanoshock
Anderson, M. T. – Landscape with Invisible Hand
Asaro, Catherine – The Bronze Skies
Blake, Kendare – One Dark Throne
Blasim, Hassan, ed. – Iraq + 100: Stories from Another Iraq
Blaylock, James P. – River’s Edge
Bradley, James – Clade
Brett, Peter V. – The Core
Canavan, Trudi – Successor’s Promise
Cargill, C. Robert – Sea of Rust
Clarke, Neil, & Eds. Sean Wallace – Clarkesworld Magazine: A Tenth Anniversary Anthology
Daniel, Tony – The Amber Arrow
Ellis, Douglas, & Eds. Robert Weinberg – The Art of the Pulps: An Illustrated History
Ford, Jeffrey – The Twilight Pariah
Gemmell, David – White Knight/Black Swan
Gladstone, Max – The Ruin of Angels
Hardinge, Frances – A Skinful of Shadows
Howard, Kat – An Unkindness of Magicians
Hutchinson, Dave—Acadie
Jemisin, N. K. – The Fifth Season
Johnson, Kij – The River Bank
Lackey, Mercedes – Apex
Leckie, Ann – Provenance
MacLeod, Ken – The Corporation Wars: Emergence
McGuire, Seanan – The Brightest Fell
Mary Anne, & J. J. Pionke, eds. – Survivor
Morris, Mark, ed. – New Fears
Ness, Patrick – Release
Newitz, Annalee – Autonomous
Older, Daniel José – Shadowhouse Fall
Older, Malka – Null States
Onyebuchi, Tochi – Beasts Made of Night
Roberts, Adam – The Real-Town Murders
Silverberg, Robert – The Emperor and the Maula
Sloan, Robin – Sourdough
Steinmetz, Ferrett – The Uploaded
Strahan, Jonathan, ed. – Infinity Wars
Stroud, Jonathan—Lockwood & Co. : The Empty Grave
Sullivan, Tricia – Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
Valente, Catherynne M. – The Glass Town Game
Wilde, Fran – Horizon


August 2017

Akers, Tim – The Iron Hound
Armstrong, Kelley – Rituals
Baxter, Stephen – The Massacre of Mankind
Beagle, Peter S., & Jacob Weisman, eds. – The New Voices of Fantasy
Bova, Ben – The Best of Bova, Volume III
Brennan, Sara Rees – In Other Lands
Brett, Peter V. – Barren
Brown, Eric – Binary System
Brunner, John, & Damien Broderick – Threshold of Eternity
Carroll, Jonathan – The Crow’s Dinner
Cato, Beth – Call of Fire
Crilley, Paul – Clockwork City
Dorsey, Candas Jane – Ice
Esslemont, Ian C. – Deadhouse Landing
Guran, Paula, ed. – The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2017 Edition
Heuler, Karen – In Search of Lost Time
Hodgell, P. C. – The Gates of Tagmeth
Hughes, Matthew – One More Kill
Jemisin, N. K. – The Stone Sky
Lanagan, Margo – Phantom Limbs
Leicht, Stina – Blackthorne
Milán, Victor – The Dinosaur Princess
Miller, Karen – The Prince of Glass
Noon, Jeff – A Man of Shadows
Novik, Naomi – Golden Age and Other Stories
Palmatier, Joshua – Reaping the Aurora
Percy, Benjamin – The Dark Net
Silverberg, Robert – Rough Trade
Tuttle, Lisa – The Curious Affair of the Witch at Wayside Cross

July 2017

Alder, Mark – Son of the Night
Allan, Nina – The Rift
Andrews, Ilona – Wildfire
Anonymous, ed. – Transcendent 2: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction
Bakker, R. Scott – The Unholy Consult
Caine, Rachel – Ash and Quill
Chait, Gavin – Our Memory Like Dust
Christopher, Adam – Killing Is My Business
Damico, Gina – Waste of Space
Datlow, Ellen, ed. – The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Nine
Dozois, Gardner, ed. – The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-fourth Annual Collection
Durst, Sarah Beth – The Reluctant Queen
Egan, Greg – Dichronauts
Elliott, Kate – Buried Heart
Hamilton, Peter F. – The Queen of Dreams: A Voyage Through Air
Hearne, Kevin – Besieged
Horton, Rich, ed. – The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy: 2017 Edition
Ingram, Dayna, & Steve Berman, eds. – Heiresses of Russ 2017: The Year’s Best Lesbian Speculative Fiction
Jacobs, John Hornor – Infernal Machines
Kress, Nancy – Tomorrow’s Kin
Kritzer, Naomi – Cat Pictures Please and Other Stories
Levine, David D. – Arabella and the Battle of Venus
Modesitt, L. E., Jr. – Assassin’s Price
Rowe, Christopher – Telling the Map
Schafer, William, ed. – The Best of Subterranean
Simak, Clifford D. – Dusty Zebra and Other Stories
Simak, Clifford D. – The Shipshape Miracle and Other Stories
Simak, Clifford D. – The Thing in the Stone and Other Stories
Slatter, Angela – Corpselight
Smith, Michael Marshall – Hannah Green and her Unfeasibly
Mundane Existence
Snodgrass, Melinda – In Evil Times
Spencer, William Browning – The Unorthodox Doctor Draper and Other Stories
Straub, Peter – The Process (Is a Process All Its Own)
Stross, Charles – The Delirium Brief
Turtledove, Harry – Armistice
Vaughn, Carrie – Bannerless
Zindell, David – The Idiot Gods

June 2017

Aaronovitch, Ben – The Furthest Station

Barnes, Steven – Twelve Days

Baxter, Stephen – Xeelee: Vengeance

Bishop, Michael – Other Arms Reach Out to Me: Thirteen Georgia Stories

Boyett, Steven R., & Ken Mitchroney – Fata Morgana

Brooks, Terry – The Black Elfstone

Chen, Curtis C. – Kangaroo Too

Cooper, Brenda – Wilders

Crowley, John – Totalitopia

Datlow, Ellen, ed. – The Best Horror of the Year, Volume Nine

Gilligan, Elizabeth – Sovereign Silk

Goss, Theodora – The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter

Gunn, James –Transformation

Holt, Tom – The Management Style of the Supreme Beings

Hook, Andrew, ed. – Elasticity: The Best of Elastic Press

Horton, Rich, ed. – The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy: 2017 Edition

Huff, Tanya – A Peace Divided

Irvine, Ian – The Fatal Gate

Jeter, K. W. – Grim Expectations

Jones, Stephen Graham – Mapping the Interior

Kadrey, Richard – The Kill Society

Koontz, Dean – The Silent Corner

Lackey, Mercedes – A Scandal in Battersea

Lam, Laura – Shattered Minds

Lee, Yoon Ha – Raven Stratagem

McGuire, Seanan – Down Among the Sticks and Bones

Morrow, James – The Asylum of Dr. Caligari

Newman, Emma – All Good Things

Parker, K. J. – Mightier than the Sword

Peek, Ben – The Eternal Kingdom

Robinson, Frank M. – Not So Good a Gay Man

Scott, Donna, and ed. – The Best of British Science Fiction: 2016

Smith, Michael Marshall – Hannah Green and her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence

Spark, Anna Smith – The Court of Broken Knives

Stephenson, Neal, & Nicole Galland – The Rise and Fall of D. O. D. O.

Valente, Catherynne M. – The Refrigerator Monologues

Williams, Tad – The Witchwood Crown

May 2017

Andrews, Ilona – White Hot
Ashby, Madeline – ReV
Benford, Gregory – The Berlin Project
Bennett, Robert Jackson – City of Miracles
Bond, Gwenda – Lois Lane: Triple Threat
Bourke, Liz – Sleeping with Monsters: Readings and Reactions in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Brennan, Marie – Lightning in the Blood
Campbell, Jack – Vanguard
Carey, M. R. – The Boy on the Bridge
Czerneda, Julie E., ed. – Nebula Awards Showcase 2017
Flint, Eric, & Mike Resnick – The Gods of Sagittarius
Gemmell, David – Rhyming Rings
Golden, Christopher, ed. – Dark Cities
Guran, Paula, ed. – Ex Libris: Stories of Librarians,
Libraries, and Lore
Hardinge, Frances – A Face Like Glass
Hobb, Robin – Assassin’s Fate
Hoyt, Sarah A. – Darkship Revenge
Johnson, Kij – The River Bank
Klages, Ellen – Wicked Wonders
Kushner, Ellen – Tremontaine
Lee, Sharon, & Steve Miller – the Gathering Edge
Meadows, Foz – A Tyranny of Queens
Ness, Patrick – Release
Reed, Kit • Mormama – (Tor, hc)
Robson, Justina – The Switch
Scalzi, John – The Dispatcher
Turner, Megan Whalen – Thick as Thieves
Turzillo, Mary – Mars Girls
Wallace, Matt – Greedy Pigs
Watson, Angus – You Die When You Die
Zahn, Timothy – Pawn

April 2017

Adams, John Joseph, ed. – Cosmic
Bennett, Robert Jackson – City of Miracles
Boone, Ezekiel – Skitter
Brennan, Marie – Within the Sanctuary of Wings
Broaddus, Maurice – Buffalo Soldier
Cherryh, C. J. – Convergence
Clarke, Neil, ed. – The Best Science Fiction of the Year,
Volume Two
de Bodard, Aliette – The House of Binding Thorns
de Castell, Sebastien – Tyrant’s Throne
Dickson, Gordon R. – The Best of Gordon R. Dickson, Volume 1
Doctorow, Cory – Walkaway
Golden, Christopher – Ararat
Grant, Mira – Final Girls
Guran, Paula, ed. – Swords Against Darkness
Jacka, Benedict – Bound
Jones, Gwyneth – Proof of Concept
Kessel, John – The Moon and the Other
Langford, David – The Last SFX Visions
Lavalle, Victor – The Changeling
Lawrence, Mark – Red Sister
Lee, Tanith – Redder Than Blood
MacLeod, Ken – Red Snow
Matthews, Susan R. – Blood Enemies
Moon, Elizabeth – Cold Welcome
North, Claire – The End of the Day
Priest, Cherie – Brimstone
Resnick, Mike – Voyages
Samatar, Sofia – Tender: Stories
Smaill, Anna – The Chimes
Staveley, Brian – Skullsworn
Steele, Allen – Avengers of the Moon
Strahan, Jonathan, ed. – Best Science Fiction and Fantasy
of the Year Volume 11
Tchaikovsky, Adrian – A Time for Grief
Tem, Steve Rasnic, & Melanie Tem – Yours to Tell
Vandermeer, Jeff – Borne
Wingrove, David – The Master of Time


March 2017

Armstrong, Kelley – Lost Souls
Asher, Neal – Infinity Engine
Baker, Mishell – Phantom Pains
Barlowe, Wayne – The Art of Wayne Barlowe
Bishop, Anne – Etched in Bone
Bledsoe, Alex – Gather Her Round
Bourke, Liz – Sleeping with Monsters: Readings and Reactions in Science Fiction and Fantasy
Brennan, Marie – Lightning in the Blood
Briggs, Patricia – Silence Fallen
Britain, Kristen – Firebrand
Fowler, Christopher – Bryant & May: Wild Chamber
Fowler, Christopher – Frightening
Guran, Paula, ed. – Swords Against Darkness
Kessel, John – The Moon and the
Kiernan, Caitlín R. – Dear Sweet Filthy World
Lebbon, Tim – Relics
Maresca, Marshall Ryan – The Holver Alley Crew
McDonald, Ian – Luna: Wolf Moon
McDonald, Ian – The Locomotives’ Graveyard
McDonald, Ian – The Mars Stories of Ian McDonald
McGuire, Seanan – Magic for Nothing
Meadows, Foz – A Tyranny of Queens
Murad, Mahvesh, & Jared Shurin, eds. – The Djinn Falls in Love and Other Stories
Neumeier, Rachel – The White Road of the Moon
Newman, Emma – Brother’s Ruin
Robinson, Kim Stanley – New York 2140
Sapkowski, Andrzej- Lady of the Lake
Scalzi, John – The Collapsing Empire
Simmons, Dan – Omega Canyon
Taylor, Laini – Strange the Dreamer
Turzillo, Mary – Mars Girls
Warrington, Freda – Nights of Blood Wine


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